What does Karunia stand for?

Passing on your gift

Karunia is the Indonesian word for ‘gift’. Karunia teaches teachers to share their 'gifts' of knowledge, growth and love with students. Our teachers are intrinsically motivated and are unconditionally committed to the development of their communities. This is passed on from generation to generation. Teach the Teacher has deep impact in the long run.

What is Teach the Teacher?

Education: key to change

Every child has the right to a good education. This is not self-evident in Papua. We ensure that children do get a good education by training new teachers with professionalism and compassion. We do this at our own teacher training college.

The need for training of this kind is great because there are few teachers with the proper qualifications and experience. That is why Karunia set up a study program for Elementary Education in addition to the existing other study programs with the aim of educating qualified teachers who guarantee good education from the first years of elementary school. This is the only way to achieve structural change.


Karunia aims for profound change in education in Papua. Intrinsically motivated teachers who deliver and have an impact in the long run. Role models who positively influence their students. It is an approach that takes time but is sustainable. The first results from graduated teachers are encouraging. Karunia has the ambition to expand her Teach the Teacher approach through a university in the highlands of Papua and to extend it to other regions and other countries.

Our history

Real change comes from within


Karunia wants to improve the quality of education. We do this by educating to not only acquire teaching skills but also to become people of integrity. Our approach is based on Christian values with loving God and one’s neighbors at its heart.


Karunia stimulates teacher motivation by fostering feelings of autonomy, competence and social connectedness within the entire school community. The teacher is enabled to make proactive choices. This creates a new mindset that lasts.

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