Yamenserdi Larate

Yamenserdi Larate (39) is from Manado, North Sulawesi, and was sent by his church as a missionary worker to our college.

“My name is Yamen. I work at the college as a student pastor and coordinator of the spiritual and personal formation program. In 2017, I came here for the first time. The church I worked for organized a mission trip to Wamena and I went along. From the very beginning, I was captivated by the beauty of nature in the interior of Papua. Since that time, I struggled with the question of whether God wanted me to serve here in this place. For I saw the serious challenges here, especially in education. In 2019, I volunteered here again for several months. Finally, in 2020, God made it clear to me that it was time to move to Papua permanently to work on this campus.

What strikes me about this campus is that the school is very serious about training young people to become professional teachers who want to live in imitation of Christ. Who are willing to serve as a teacher in remote areas.

I am having a good time here. That’s because I see that this campus is guided in its vision by the missionary assignment God gives to us as believers. Serving God really takes on hands and feet as a result. I also enjoy living in community, where we grow together and learn to serve together. It is beautiful to work together for the same purpose.

It is my desire for our college to remain faithful to the mission God gives us. To remain faithful to our vision to educate and form young people. I very much hope that students who are educated and formed here love God with their whole heart. And that they learn to love this area and its people. In this way, they will bring change to education here in the interior.”

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