Rahel Huby

Rahel wants to change education in Papua

This month we would like to introduce you to Rahel Huby (27). She has been around Karunia’s campus for over eight years. The first four years as a student and since graduation as a teacher. She is also responsible for the girls’ dorm.

Rahel explains, “At my primary and secondary school, there were teachers, but most of them just didn’t teach. So I never got a good education either. Only at this high school did I understand what good education is. And that as a student you should expect your master or teacher to teach. That’s why I wanted to become a teacher myself. Mainly to change something in education.

The biggest problem is the attitude of teachers. There are many smart people in Papua, but their moral is broken. They care very little that children hardly learn anything. That, to me, is the beauty of our college: It’s not just about knowledge, but mostly about your formation. You need both of those if you want to have an impact.

I work here because this is my vocation, I am here with a purpose. Personally, I have grown a lot and my faith has become stronger. Many of the activities at our school focus on that: That you become conformed to the image of Christ.

That is why your support from the Netherlands is so important. What we do here is not a game; students learn here to think about the purpose of their lives. Your support gives us time to train good teachers for Papua. I am convinced, that if more schools work this way, many more children would get a good education. To be able to make a valuable contribution to this society”.

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