Mama Maria

We would like to introduce to you one of our kitchen ladies: Maria Apay. The mutual collegiality, inside and outside the classroom, contributes greatly to the success of the college. Mama Maria – as she is called – can be found daily in and around the kitchen, a place students love to visit. She caters to students, makes small talk, gives students a reprimand or speaks words of encouragement. In short, Mama Maria builds relationships with students, giving very practical hands and feet to the formation of our students.

Mama Maria likes to introduce herself to you:

“My name is Maria Apay, I am from Merauke on the south coast of Papua, but I have been living in Pikhe, a village near campus, for quite some time now. I work at STKIP as mama dapur (literally: kitchen mother). That means I cook food here together with a few other ladies. Because we are here most of the day, we have a lot of contact with students. They often come for a chat. So we can help them and keep an eye on them. At this school we want to form students as persons. Because this is a school with a dorm, we have a lot of time together with students. So we can teach them a lot. For example, which choices are good and which are not. Often they don’t know that.

With my work, I can serve many people. Especially students. They come from far away to study here. We try to help them as Jesus Christ showed us. I have a very big family here! Namely all the people who live, work and study here on campus.

I get very happy when I meet former STKIP students who have completed their studies. It makes me happy when I see them teaching in the interior. We need that very much here in Papua. Teachers with quality and a good education. So that their students will also be formed into people of good character. And will make a positive contribution to the development of society here in the interior.

Therefore, I think this school is very important. Because through this school, teachers will be trained who can address the great educational disadvantages in the interior. I therefore appeal to all our loyal sponsors and donors to continue supporting us in the future as well.”

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