Densi Natasian

Former student Densi Natasian passes on the torch

Densi Natasian (34) has been working at Karunia’s teacher training college STKIP since she graduated in 2013. As a former student, she knows our school inside out. Living in the girls’ dorm herself, she spends a lot of time with the students. She puts her heart and soul into helping them. As a former student, Densi is of great value. We let her speak for herself so you can get to know her further.

“Hi all,

My name is Densi Natasian. I was born and raised on the coast. That is also where all my family lives. I ended up in Wamena in 2009 because I went to study at this college. Towards the end of my studies, I was asked to help guide younger students during their internships. Thus, after graduating in 2013, I started working as a teacher. Among other things, I teach English and was coordinator of the practice teaching program for several years. Currently, I am head of the English department.

Why do I teach here? I know that God is calling me to work here. This school is a community where we as students and teachers share life together. This has really shaped me. In addition, I am challenged here to be a role model for my students.

Working at this school gives me the opportunity to really contribute to the development of our students. Not only in the classroom, but also outside of it. I can help them in their studies and influence their personal formation. This is important, because later they themselves will become a teacher in the place that God assigns them.

Teaching here does require sacrifices. I had to leave my family behind; they live on the coast in Jayapura. They are very important to me, but I only see them once or twice a year. Fortunately, that hasn’t stopped me from being here. I find a lot of joy and satisfaction in working here.

I hope that you will continue to support me, as a teacher and former student of this school. And not only me, but also my students, who still have a long way to go and will have to overcome many difficulties. I am grateful for your attention, interest and support in any way. I wish you God’s blessing!”

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