Arniati Kogoya

This is Arniati Kogoya, 30 years old and a teacher on our campus. She was born of a mixed marriage and moved to Wamena at a young age. A few years later, serious riots broke out in Wamena, targeting many Indonesians from other islands. Her father was also killed. Her mother remarried and Arniati continued her school career. She eventually entered the teacher training college as a student in 2008.

Arniati turned out to be not only a good student, but also a very good teacher. Even during her studies, she was already teaching in different places. Moreover, during her studies she met her husband Kalvin. After completing their studies, they were both hired as teachers at our college. Arniati has been training teachers in schools in the area for years, coordinating the internship program, heading the English studies program and teaching our students. Her classes are characterized by great enthusiasm, good atmosphere and creativity.

The backbone of the team at the college is formed by former students from the highlands of Papua. As a former student, Arniati knows the students’ environment very well. Most importantly, however, Arniati is a role model for our students. Her dream is to contribute to the development of her country through good education. She carries her dream forward to our students. And we would like to keep it that way. Karunia is therefore investing in her staff, but needs your help to do so. With your financial contribution, the students at the college can benefit from teachers like Arniati for a long time to come. Do you want to contribute to Papua’s future? Invest in one of our teachers!

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