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  • Retired Special Education Teacher

Our son-in-law Pieter van der Wilt and our daughter Jacomien have been involved for many years with STKIP, the university college of Yayasan Kristen Wamena in Wamena. They have worked there for 9 years and lived on the campus of the school. As parents, of course, we empathized with them from the start. For a number of years I was chairman of the Home Front Committee of Pieter and Jacomien. 3 times we were involved with the Papua teachers who followed the International Class in Gouda. We received these teachers as guests in our house and attended their graduation presentations.

We have visited Wamena 4 times and have built up a lot of acquaintances among the teachers and students. The last time we were there for 4 months to help with the homeschooling of the children of Pieter and Jacomien: Julia and Ivana. During that period I guided a few STKIP students based on my experience as an internship teacher and ambulatory supervisor in NL. I have seen with admiration how the teachers of STKIP deal with the students and how passionately the students in turn are committed to performing as well as possible. We also hope to return because we see plenty of challenges there. Karunia Foundation and  STKIP Yayasan Kristen Wamena contribute to ensuring that children in Papua receive good and Biblically based education. That means: hope and future for young Papuans.

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Karunia is altijd op zoek naar enthousiaste en betrokken mensen die zich graag willen inzetten voor beter onderwijs in Papoea. Vanuit Nederland of in het veld in Papoea. Kijk daarvoor bij onze vacatures. Maar ook wanneer je je als vrijwilliger wilt inzetten voor Karunia, zijn er allerlei mogelijkheden. Karunia wordt gesteund door een team van vrijwilligers die zich elk vanuit hun eigen expertise inzetten. Door bijvoorbeeld presentaties te geven op scholen, acties te bedenken en op te zetten of door te netwerken en fondsen te zoeken. Wil je daarvoor tijd vrijmaken? Neem dan contact met ons op!

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