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  • Marketing Consultant at Karunia Foundation
  • Freelancer at Kabaaz

Petrit has been involved with Karunia foundation since 2019 and helps with the website, marketing and design. He is well versed in these markets and is an entrepreneur at heart. Before he started working at Karunia, he ran a software company for 7 years. There he mastered the intricacies of entrepreneurship. Since 2019 he has been working as a freelancer marketer for various companies. We are happy that he takes 1 day a week off to help Karunia.

Although Petrit does not have a Christian background, he finds it very valuable to commit himself to Karunia’s mission. Petrit: ‘At the time I was looking for a way to give some of my time to something with meaning and by chance I came across Karunia. I wasn’t specifically looking for a Christian foundation, but I was open to the conversation. After the first conversations with Netty and other team members, I had a feeling that there was passion behind this. I did have a certain prejudice about charities that enrich themselves, but Karunia clearly comes from a deep-rooted ideology to help the other. In addition, I also really liked Karunia’s approach in realizing her goals. Channeling money to a problem area simply does not work, bailing out a sinking ship is of no use. I like Karunia’s Teach The Teacher principle because it gets to the heart of the problem. It trains teachers of character, giving each new generation knowledge, value and courage to create a better world for themselves. Karunia has achieved great results after 20 years. More areas can benefit from Karunia’s approach. I am enthusiastic about this and I am happy to participate in its development. It gives energy to know that you are working on a long-term solution’.

Wil jij je bij het Karunia team aansluiten?

Karunia is altijd op zoek naar enthousiaste en betrokken mensen die zich graag willen inzetten voor beter onderwijs in Papoea. Vanuit Nederland of in het veld in Papoea. Kijk daarvoor bij onze vacatures. Maar ook wanneer je je als vrijwilliger wilt inzetten voor Karunia, zijn er allerlei mogelijkheden. Karunia wordt gesteund door een team van vrijwilligers die zich elk vanuit hun eigen expertise inzetten. Door bijvoorbeeld presentaties te geven op scholen, acties te bedenken en op te zetten of door te netwerken en fondsen te zoeken. Wil je daarvoor tijd vrijmaken? Neem dan contact met ons op!

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