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  • Project Coordinator at Karunia Foundation
  • Founder Yayasan Kristen Wamena

In 2001 I moved with my family to Papua. The educational situation shocked me. Those beautiful black curly heads, who don’t learn and barely make progress. Not because they can’t, but because they don’t have the opportunity. Teachers, who want to teach but know too little, think they are stupid and are hindered by all kinds of factors. So much need, so few possibilities. It fueled a strong fire in me and that fire still burns.

First I started toiling by myself. Finding interested teachers for training. Helping people to come up with new skills and ideas. Setting up projects. Learning a lot, having guts, just getting things going. A process of making mistakes, of trial and error. People came to help me. The training sessions were a success, but I was not satisfied with their durability. I wanted change from within, a change of mindset. Something that remains because the heart has been touched.

This is how Yayasan Kristen Wamena (YKW), the nursery, primary and secondary school was born. The college for teachers with three faculties. The Teach the Teacher concept in which the development of character and competence go hand in hand, inextricably, aspects that are both necessary for growth and well-being. This proves to be a golden grip, especially during riots, setbacks, financial tightness, or corona time. The teams stand for what they want. They are intrinsically motivated.

Karunia foundation was the next step when the main donor for YKW dropped out. A back donor was needed who could find the necessary funds from the west. Also a body through which quality of education could be shared with YKW and more awareness could be realised.

My mission is that Teach the Teacher goes further than Papua alone. That it takes root in more schools and reaches more countries, because the practice proves that Teach the Teacher is healing for individuals and groups. The first steps have already been taken in training courses in schools in some other countries. A new, interesting and inspiring phase. Karunia, the Indonesian gift, wants to share from abundance.

Wil jij je bij het Karunia team aansluiten?

Karunia is altijd op zoek naar enthousiaste en betrokken mensen die zich graag willen inzetten voor beter onderwijs in Papoea. Vanuit Nederland of in het veld in Papoea. Kijk daarvoor bij onze vacatures. Maar ook wanneer je je als vrijwilliger wilt inzetten voor Karunia, zijn er allerlei mogelijkheden. Karunia wordt gesteund door een team van vrijwilligers die zich elk vanuit hun eigen expertise inzetten. Door bijvoorbeeld presentaties te geven op scholen, acties te bedenken en op te zetten of door te netwerken en fondsen te zoeken. Wil je daarvoor tijd vrijmaken? Neem dan contact met ons op!

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