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  • Education Volunteer at Karunia Foundation
  • Board of Directors Colon, Director “School with the Bible”

Intrinsic motivation: the key to bloom. From 1994 to 1998 our family was allowed to serve in Papua, then it was still called Irian Jaya. A beautiful period of time in which we learned a lot and unlearned even more. It is so valuable to get acquainted with another culture and to live and work in the midst of other people. When we said our definite goodbye in 1998, little did we know that we would return 25 years later. In 2019 we came into contact with Netty Baan and she told us about the work of Karunia.

After a number of conversations and a lot of prayers we decided to go on an orientation trip and to learn about the current state of education. We saw further development in education and culture. Our hearts opened up again and we decided to go back every year to help with education, mainly from my experience in board and management. We believe that God guides and directs our ways and that we may therefore share our knowledge and experience in Papua.

At the same time, it is give and take. We learned so many beautiful things from them when it comes to training and spiritual equipment and our daily walks with God. Karunia teaches teachers to share their “gifts” of knowledge, growth and love with students. Intrinsic motivation of teachers is the key for the further development of the people and the community. We were able to experience that bloom up close and I’d like to contribute my bit to that.

Wil jij je bij het Karunia team aansluiten?

Karunia is altijd op zoek naar enthousiaste en betrokken mensen die zich graag willen inzetten voor beter onderwijs in Papoea. Vanuit Nederland of in het veld in Papoea. Kijk daarvoor bij onze vacatures. Maar ook wanneer je je als vrijwilliger wilt inzetten voor Karunia, zijn er allerlei mogelijkheden. Karunia wordt gesteund door een team van vrijwilligers die zich elk vanuit hun eigen expertise inzetten. Door bijvoorbeeld presentaties te geven op scholen, acties te bedenken en op te zetten of door te netwerken en fondsen te zoeken. Wil je daarvoor tijd vrijmaken? Neem dan contact met ons op!

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