Job vacancies at STKIP Kristen Wamena

Posted 8 months ago

The vacancies below are vacancies at our partner in Papua, teacher training college STKIP Kristen Wamena. The school is headed by local management. Over the years several expats have worked at the school.

Vacancies STKIP Kristen Wamena High School

Wamena, located in the Papuan highlands, has a pleasant climate, is pollution-free and has beautiful scenery. The beauty of the highlands stands in stark contrast with the educational situation in the area. The state of education in Wamena, especially outside the city, is of great concern. Based on our experience, high school graduates who apply to our college usually have a level equivalent to elementary school. For example, most students cannot distinguish between 8-5=3 and 5-8= -3. Teachers are often absent, students are victims of power abuse, parents are hardly involved in the education of their children, and teachers lack knowledge and skills to teach.

Building education in Papua requires teachers with a heart to serve and the right capabilities. STKIP Kristen Wamena is a teacher training college whose goal is to train professional teachers who put their Christian faith into practice. To strengthen our team, we are looking for motivated professionals with a desire to serve.

Are you the one we are looking for?

We believe there are many people willing to fight for better education in Papua by sharing knowledge and skills. If you feel called to help your brothers and sisters in the interior of Papua, we invite you to join us at our college STKIP Kristen Wamena.

Who are we looking for?

1. Teacher of Mathematics

Required background: master’s degree in mathematics or teacher training (bachelor) in mathematics

2. English Teacher

Required background: master’s degree in English or teacher training (bachelor) in English

3. Elementary education teacher

Required background: master’s degree in education, teacher training (bachelor) or related program

4. Project management employee

Required background: bacholer working and thinking level, experience with project management and financial administration


Who are you?

We are looking for people who:

  • are dedicated and highly motivated to serve the Papuan people through education.
  • Are willing to serve and follow the example of Jesus Christ.
  • Have a positive attitude when facing challenges and dealing with setbacks.
  • Be able to prioritize a shared vision over personal interests.
  • Be able to collaborate and communicate well with colleagues and students.
  • Preferably hold a Master’s degree in a relevant field and have several years of teaching experience.
  • Have a simple lifestyle.

Life in Wamena can be challenging, but the work is very rewarding. Although modern facilities are absent, we as a team at STKIP Kristen Wamena are grateful for the privilege of serving in Papua. Join us in a community that is living and growing together, experiencing God’s love and witnessing how God is working in Papua.

More information (in English or Indonesian) about the vacancies can be obtained from Onni Tabuni, director of STKIP at +62 821-9821-7027 (WA). Information can also be obtained from Pieter van der Wilt, consultant of the school at 06-86095754 (calling) or +62 821-4501-9581 (WA).

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