Do you also believe in the power of good education?

Effecting lasting change

Poverty Reduction

Good education from the earliest years of childhood has proven impact on living standards

Lasting solution

Dedicated and capable teachers are role models with lasting impact


Teaching from the heart makes you committed to the well-being of others

The challenge

From ignorance to development

Papua, the last colony of the Netherlands, is an unknown region for most people. Current Papuan society struggles with poverty, marginalization and corruption. Especially the indigenous population, many of whom are Christians, are confronted with a lack of perspective. To a large extent, this is caused by the absence of proper education. Karunia faces the challenge of breaking through the existing system and transforming it through meaningful education.

Our solution

Meaningful education

Karunia tackles the existing problems at its source and forms young people into engaged, responsible teachers. The Teach the Teacher principle creates self-esteem, offers autonomy and makes teams jointly responsible for quality. In this way Karunia offers a structural solution for the long term.

Would you like to help?

Give your gift

The people of Papua are in great need. Karunia foundation – Karunia means ‘sharing your gift’ – commits itself to the local population with heart and soul. Giving means doing something for others and provides a great sense of meaning. Giving is better than receiving.

Right Now

Make a difference

The founders of Karunia have been active in Papua since 2001. Meanwhile, much has happened: children are taught by Karunia-trained teachers, the Karunia schools continue to expand, the teacher training college meets a need and is expanding further and the call for a university is getting louder. Now is the time to move on and to broaden our success. Your help can make all the difference.

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