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Karunia foundation aims to sustainably improve education in the highlands of Papua, Indonesia. In 2002, the foundation took a leap of faith. The initiative has required perseverance and patience but taking the risk has worked out well and has been blessed.

Do you share our ambition?

Do you also dare take a risk and share our ambition to make the impossible possible? To develop education in the Papuan highlands in a way that creates hope for the long term?

Subscribe to one of our schemes and help children to receive a good education every year.

Door twee-en-een-halfduizend euro te doneren, adopteer je een docent voor twee jaar. Lees meer
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Met vijfhonderd euro help je mee onze gebouwen in conditie te houden. Lees meer
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Met tweehonderdvijftig euro per jaar help je mee voorzien in studiemateriaal, aanvullen van de bibliotheek en kopiewerk. Lees meer
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The specialist in the field of garden tools from Staphorst supports the school in Wamena. Among others, Talen Tools finances the construction of additional water tanks and the construction of additional gutters. The residents of the campus are completely dependent on rainwater for washing and cooking. A good water supply is therefore of great importance.

The professional in the field of secondment and recruitment in project management. An enthusiastic company with a broad view and a big heart. Essentium supports the progress of education in Wamena in a general sense. Essentium also helps to spread the Papua business in the Netherlands through befriended entrepreneurs.

You can also make a one-time donation

Every donation is welcome. Your donation will directly benefit our target group. Would you like to help?

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