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Education for all

24000 Needed Donation

Many students come from families with very limited financial resources. It is therefore not easy to raise the money for school each year. This often leads to study delay or even dropping out. Not because of bad grades or lack of motivation, but simply because there is not enough money to study. This project makes it possible, by means of a scholarship program, to let students from poor families study without having to worry about the payment of school fees. However, the principle of reciprocity applies. This means that in exchange for a scholarship, students do volunteer work that focuses on education and/or children. And there are certain requirements for study progress and motivation. So that everyone benefits ultimately.

At this moment Karunia fully pays the school fees of 5 students who otherwise would have no chance for a good education. Will you help give more students a chance for a good education?

Here we form the character of students, so that they will soon last as teachers in the villages, even though they get no salary and there is little to eat.
(Onni Tabuni, former student and college director)

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